Minnow RC robots


The minnow robots run ROS on Beagleboards that have been convinced to run UBUNTU. Details on the implementation can be found here. If you are interested in downloading the entire software repository as a single tar file, click here.

You may find the following ROS nodes useful.

  • camera – support for a usb camera. This relies on video4linux to do the heavy lifting.
  • gps – support for the onboard GPS sensor
  • helmsman – pid control against the onboard compass
  • rosserial – standard rosserial node with Arduino code to control the onboard systems.
  • boatctl – a very simple GUI to interact with the robot
  • simboat – an empty simulator of the boat so you can do some off-boat source development
  • simcam – an empty simulator of the camera so you can do some off-boat source development

The ‘Blackjack’ directory contains the code for the Arduino that controls onboard systems. A copy of the ubuntu image of the robots can be found here. The current operational version is v3.